Passion, enthusiasm and the desire to express ourselves through our products are giving the desired results. In modernizing the farm we have taken into consideration the dream of transforming it into an agricultural paradise where we can extend our activities and differentiate the areas used for cultivation.

Among the most recent projects, the creation of a wine sector stands out with the creation of 20 hectares of vineyards destined to re-evaluate native varieties of Viterbo such as Sangiovese, Violone and Malvasia del Lazio, integrated in small part by international vines such as Merlot and the Cabernet Sauvignon.
Since 2006, when the vineyards were built, the Ciucci family has decided to marry a biological management of the company, not for fashion, but for the firm belief that only this can give great results in terms of expression of the territory and in terms of environmental sustainability.
The extension of the organic certification to the whole "wine" chain by the European community shows how our company is always in step with the times. The continuous research and constant dedication that we dedicate to our vineyards through cutting-edge agronomic practices allow us to give our cellar excellent raw materials, which give life to wines of the highest quality and strong expression of the territory.

The cellar located in the center of our vineyards was built inside a historic farmhouse "Misciano", from which the homonymous wine takes its name. Developed on one level, it is composed of a winemaking department, a barrel for aging and a show room where you can taste our wines in a warm and welcoming environment.

So far six wines have been produced:
for the whites "Malvasia del Lazio" and "Donna Walda", for the reds "Sangiovese", Violone and finally "Misciano".